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    Our Clients

Our Clients

Our clients often feel large institutions do not address the needs of ultra high net-worth families.

Clairmont was established with this in mind. Our combined experience working with large family groups with complex cross-border assets is rare.

Working with our clients is what motivates us.  Typically, the clients we work with own various operating companies and manage them with their family members.

In many cases, the countries they work in can be difficult from a number of aspects. Our clients own significant investment portfolios abroad as a hedge against a number of local risks.

They own their assets through trusts or similar fiduciary structures and various underlying holding companies from jurisdictions such as Bahamas, BVI and Cayman. These companies often own a combination of operating businesses, investment portfolios and real estate.

These families face choices regarding their companies and changes in leadership. They have multiple investment portfolios with separate custodian banks but do not have a clear overall picture of the investment positions and risks.

Too often, the structures they established are not keeping up with changes in regulations or are just outdated.

As a result, they need help organizing and managing these various assets. They are looking for a trusted advisor who understands their particular circumstances.