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    Wealth Structuring

Expert Fiduciary Services

As a fully licensed company, we can create and manage the full range of fiduciary structures. As part of these services, we provide directors and trustees, registered office services, nominee shareholders, accounting and financial reporting services.

Trusts & Foundations: Trusts and Foundations are ideal tools to own multiple assets, organize them and provide continuity with the next generation.

Private Trust Companies: A Private Trust Company (PTC) provides a family with more control over its global assets than a traditional trust. A PTC is well-suited to families with extensive operating assets. It also ensures the continuity of the trustee.

Corporate Structures: A holding company from any number of jurisdictions is an important wealth management tool. It can own liquid and illiquid assets throughout the world including operating companies, real estate and investment portfolios.

Investment Funds: Investment Funds can own multiple assets and enable multiple shareholders to have accurate valuations for their assets. They are a useful tool for wealth management and transmission of assets to the next generation.

Financial Reporting & Consolidation: As trustee and administrators of your structures, we provide consolidated financial reporting.

We are more than administrators. We believe in more than keeping your existing structure up to date.

We are trusted partners striving to protect and grow your portfolio assets, private operating businesses and other holdings. Through ongoing conversations, we understand your changing circumstances and advise you accordingly.